Lovely Little Velvet’s Before and After

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Velvet is a great example of how important appropriate dentistry is and how it can improve health and overall condition. Velvet’s caring and knowledgeable owner Sonya, took these pictures and captured Velvet’s transformation for us! Below she wrote an account of Velvet’s journey to glossiness!

Pre dental work. Note dull, copper tinged coat and generally lack lustre.
Pre dental work. Note dull, copper tinged coat and generally lack lustre.


Lovely little Velvet. Post dental treatment with Clinton.
Lovely little Velvet. Post dental treatment.

I cannot thank Clinton Float from Pegasus Veterinary Equine Dental enough for hugely improving the health and well being of my companion miniature pony. My little miniature has had her teeth done annually (with hand tools by another equine practitioner) and whilst she had struggled with “pocketing” food in her gums, I had been told that there was nothing that could be done as miniatures have genetically bad, too big for their head teeth. Progressively, my usually glossy coated miniature was struggling to maintain condition (despite a very good diet) and was just looking very lack lustre with runny eyes. The normal cheeky pony that would whinny when a car arrived and prance around at feed time was gone.

Enter Clinton Float! I was lucky enough to have Clinton recommended to me by a number of my friends. I was initially hesitant about the requirement for sedation as my miniature is very quiet and had never required it. Once she was sedated and safely in the portable crush that Clinton brings, I quickly realised why it was so important. With the full mouth gag on and under sedation, we could clearly see and access right to the back of my pony’s mouth. On seeing the back of her mouth, I felt awful. Her back teeth were so overgrown and she had ulcerated gums and a lot of collected old food stuck behind her bottom teeth. No wonder she was a tad dull. Clearly the annual dental visits (where a side gag was used), had not been getting to her back teeth at all.After some careful and patient work by Clinton to remove the built up food and remove the sharp edges, my pony went back to her paddock for a rest. I cannot explain my happiness when the following morning I gave her her usual hay net and she approached it with gusto! Her eye discharge cleared up overnight and then progressively, she got better and better until 6 weeks later she was again the glossy happy pony.
After such good results, I got Clinton out for my newly purchased horse and thankfully his teeth were in much better shape, although Clinton did pick up that he suspected he was putting his tongue over the bit and was able to discuss some suggestions to help this.For both consultations, I found Clinton to be extremely professional yet friendly and he was very willing to explain what he was doing and why. He had a lovely gentle manner with the horses and they were relaxed in his presence. Being a vet as well as an Equine Dentist is brilliant as he has such increased knowledge on horses and horse dentistryI have since told all my friends about Clinton and many of them have used him and been equally happy with the results. I can’t recommend him highly enough. Thankyou again.
Sonya – Oakford area


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