Dr Clinton Float BSc BVMS BAEDT

We do equine dentistry for all horses, ponies and donkeys, including routine dental floats and checks to advanced treatments and surgery. We can travel to all areas across W.A.



Donkey Dentistry is equally as important as dentistry for our Horses and Ponies

It is a frequent over site that seems to be made regarding our stoic, loveable donkeys. It is important to have your donkeys, of all sizes, checked regularly. As for horses and ponies, a first exam at 12 months of age and on a regular basis from there (every 6-12 months) will ensure the healthy development of normal dentition and the correction of any minor problems that may lead to major problems requiring more invasive and expensive treatments.

I have had a great deal of experience with Donkeys, especially in the UK treating our friends at the Donkey Sanctuary.


See my case study about the lovely Simon. His knowledgable Owners didn’t miss a beat and had him checked at an early age. I’m very glad they did!

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Professional, super informative and top quality gear. Highly recommend!

Zoe Yusoff

Yesterday Clinton came out and gave my horse the works (teeth, vaccinate, drench) and I am so impressed with how excellent and professional Clinton was. I was asking lots of different questions and he was happy to answer everything. My horse is much happier now! I highly recommend using Clinton!

Frida Gray

Highly Recommended we at Elite Agistment & Training Center will be using again!

Sue Dallywater

Excellent professional service with a wealth of knowledge.

Lindley Cassidy