Dr Clinton Float BSc BVMS BAEDT

We do equine dentistry for all horses, ponies and donkeys, including routine dental floats and checks to advanced treatments and surgery. We can travel to all areas across W.A.


Simon the Donkey

This was a very interesting case. Meet Simon, an 13 month old donkey from the Gasgoyne. This case underlines the importance of having young animals checked too. His owner had noticed that he had started to quid and his rate of weight gain was slow. On examination of his mouth, it was noted that he had two very large diastemas (spaces between the teeth) that were accumulating food. As a result he had developed painful periodontal disease. Owing to this painful condition, he could no longer chew properly and so developed a shear mouth and many large enamel over growths. The mouth was re balanced using motorised burrs and the impacted food cleared from the deep pockets between the teeth. The spaces between the molars were bridged (filled) with a silicone filling material to prevent re packing of the deep periodontal pockets. I hope and expect that Simon is now far more comfortable after his treatment and thank his knowledgable owner for contacting us. It’s this sort of case that demonstrates the value of an exam performed under sedation, with a full mouth gag and bright light source.



The lovely Simon. Looking a little groggy following his sedation.

Not the presence of painful ulcers on the tongue.

Not the presence of painful ulcers on the tongue.



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Clinton has an excellent manner with horses and is very professional and knowledgeable. His mobile set up and equipment are very high quality and his customer service is second to none. I highly recommend him!

Michelle Parker

FANTASTIC!!!!! Great service great guy!!! Super happy with the job he did today!!! Highly recommend Clinton!!! To everyone and anyone!!!! Please use this dentist!!! Great prices!!!

Amber Warner

What a fabulous bloke! So thorough, and very very good with the horses. Would highly recommend to everyone!

Kiley Galbraith

Fantastic will certainly be getting him again. Lovely caring gentle and knowledgeable. Well worth the money. Thank you

Stephanie Berichon