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We do equine dentistry for all horses, ponies and donkeys, including routine dental floats and checks to advanced treatments and surgery. We can travel to all areas across W.A.


Biting issues?

Bitting issues? Before investing in a new bit consider other causes of difficulty on the contact (assuming the bit has been well fitted). This show jumping mare was becoming progressively agitated on the right rein and it is easy to see why. There was a forward displaced wolf tooth creating painful contact. If you look on the other side there is a wolf tooth in a normal position. Her contact issues have since resolved following removal of both wolf teeth and a routine float.

IMG_0124 (1)

Removal of the offending wolf tooth.


Do all wolf teeth need removing?

There is a thought that all wolf teeth must be removed in any riding/driving horse.  If a wolf tooth is of normal position and size, they may never cause issues for the horse.  Its very common to see older horses with normal wolf teeth in place with no history of bitting problems. 

If the wolf teeth are very large, displaced, unerupted or loose, they may cause bitting issues and should be extracted.  This show jumping mare (in the photo above) was becoming increasingly resentful to right reign contact and its easy to see why. The picture above shows a rostral (forward) displaced wolf tooth creating painful bit contact, the surrounding gum was bleeding on exam.  Removal of the tooth resulted in resolution of the contact issues.

Wolf tooth extraction should be performed in a sedated horse with the use of local anaesthetic just as our own dentists would do for us. Tooth removal is a painful process.

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Clinton has an excellent manner with horses and is very professional and knowledgeable. His mobile set up and equipment are very high quality and his customer service is second to none. I highly recommend him!

Michelle Parker

FANTASTIC!!!!! Great service great guy!!! Super happy with the job he did today!!! Highly recommend Clinton!!! To everyone and anyone!!!! Please use this dentist!!! Great prices!!!

Amber Warner

What a fabulous bloke! So thorough, and very very good with the horses. Would highly recommend to everyone!

Kiley Galbraith

Fantastic will certainly be getting him again. Lovely caring gentle and knowledgeable. Well worth the money. Thank you!

Stephanie Berichon